Rainy days

The advantage of being stuck on a bus that’s taking ages to reach its destination is that, at the very least, I have time to write a blog.

So, caught in traffic, recovering from an all day migraine and distinctly feeling the lack of sleep I had last night, I find myself reflecting on where I’m up to, and where I’ve come from. 

Okay, so I’m not making a living off my writing yet. That’s fairly obvious from the fact I’m on a bus to my daily dose of purgatory at my day job, but even though I’m not selling in massive numbers, I feel like I’m edging closer, that I’m building  a fanbase and word by word,  letter by letter, I’m getting closer to that goal of doing this full time.

The temptation is to try and find some kind of magic bullet, that single book that catches the publics imagination and propels me up the rankings to financial independence. Yes, we hear stories of books like Twilight and Fifty shades of Grey doing this, but I keep having to remind myself that they’re the exception rather than  the rule. If I get there, when I get there, it’s going to have to be through perseverance. 

All I can do is hope I make it, and keep plugging away.


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