Things Ben shouldn’t do in October…

October isn’t a good month for me. Mentally, it’s one of the times of year where I’m a little bit… off. There are plenty of reasons, most of them rather dull, but the crux of the situation is that my concentration levels aren’t exactly at their peak at this time of the year.

So it was a bit bloody silly of me to set myself an October deadline to finish The Delta Children. I still intend to do it, mind, but I’m not getting nearly as much work done as I hoped I would when I started the month.

There’s also the fact that I’m still very much struggling with the book itself. My stories tend to go though some fairly bg evolutions during the process of writing – I’m a sequential writer, I can’t skip ahead and write the ending, then jump back and write another chapter, then fit it together like a literary jigsaw, I have to write the story as it would be read. The thing is, I’m often learning the plot at the same time as the reader would! 

One conclusion I have come to, though,  is that The Delta Children isn’t going to work as a standalone novel. There’s too many facets to this universe to fit into one relatively short book. It would need to be about 300000 words long to do that, and I really don’t have the patience to stick with these characters for that long! As an introduction to a universe,  it could work well, but as a single book in its own right… eh. We’ll see what the response to it is when it hits the market.

Well, that’s where we stand for now. Blog again soon!


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