So, did Ben manage to finish The Delta Children by the end of October? 

Did he hell. It was always a bit of a gamble that I would, admittedly, but I’m still a little dissapointed that I didn’t manage to complete the book before the end of the month. 

It has got a bit easier now that I’ve decided to split the story. I’ve decided to be cruel and end it on a cliffhanger, with the intention of coming back to it further down the line. At the rate it’s going, this is a story that could run to over 100k words, and that size of project was never the intention when I started. Road to hell, good intentions, etc.

Still, I’ve figured out a good stopping point for the first part of the story, so I expect to wrap the book relatively soon. Then I can get back to writing fantasy, which is really more my style, to be honest. 


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