In which Ben tries to figure out what to do next.



Call of Herne has been released, which technically caps off my 2016, but has also left me with some rather significant planning to do.

Ultimately, I have to take into account that I can’t simply ditch The Delta Children. People voted for it, people were interested, and at the end of the day I’ve already written 50000 words of the bloody thing. I’ve taken a wee break, made a fairly strong start on Clockworld, and now comes the nagging feeling that I really should finish it off.

The mental gear change that this will take is a bit of a odd one. One is a thriller with Sci-Fi leanings, and the other is a steampunk fantasy. What I need to do, really, is make a serious drive towards finishing Delta Children before the end of the month. 

The main consolation is that I know the book is readable. It won’t stand on its own, but as the start of something, it works. And as people who make far more money than me keep telling me, standalones don’t make much headway any more. Series is where it’s at.

…that was a bit cynical, wasn’t it?


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