Never let U2 join a search party…

They can never find what they’re looking for. Ba-Dum, I’m here all week.


Anyway. I wrapped up The Delta Children just before Christmas, and sent it off to my editor. That was, to be frank, a big burden off my shoulder, because that book has been hanging over me like the sword of bloody damocles for the last three months or so.

In the meantime, I’ve been watching as Call of Herne went live and quietly sold a few copies. Weirdly, the paperback and the eBook are neck and neck on sales. Other than that its been… slow. The Xmas free promos went well, but I’m yet to see any real fallout from them in terms of sales going forward.

Speaking of Fallout, thats pretty much the reason I’ve been so quiet on here over the last few weeks. I took a little sabattical after finishing The Delta Children – by which I mean I finally picked up a second hand Xbox One and have been distracted.

Work has begun on the next Order of Britain novella, however, and although I’m only a short way into it, I’m already enjoying hanging out with Callum and the gang again. That said, the shadow of Clockworld  is looming in the background. Thats more of a pet project, however, so I can come back to it when I’ve finished this season of Order of Britain and High Moon Rising.

So, its a new year, and new ambitions abound. Maybe this year will be the year when I can finally go full time as a writer!


…but looking at my sales chart, I suspect not!


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