It’s been a little while…

So, after my last, hopeful blog I kind if faltered in my writing again for various reasons, none of which actually had to do with writing.

One thing that has had an effect, however, is that I had forgotten just how much bloody work it is to develop a fantasy world from scratch.  The last one I developed was for a novel I wrote called Bard of Dreams, which shall never see the light of day. Clockworld is very different, but the basics of Worldbuilding remain the same. Even when its set in a single city at this point, the amount of details I’m having to build on the fly are a difficult proposition.

Fun though.

In other news, The Delta Children is back from my editor/proofreader/Mum, and now just needs to be formatted/covered. I didn’t make much secret of the fact that I wasn’t enjoying it an awful lot as I was writing it, but when I read it back its certainly readable, albeit not the story I originally had in mind.

That said, I’m unsold on a follow-up. I left the first book on a bit of a cliffhanger open ending, but I think it’s going to be a case of seeing if theres enthusiasm for a sequel. I have a good idea for an opening of that sequel, but if the first one doesn’t get much attention, I don’t really feel like committing to another 50k+ book on the characters.

So there we are, fantasy and sci-fi, two sides of the Nerd-Writing square…


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