The easter bunny hates my face. 

So, Easter. That was a thing. Oh the plans I had for Easter weekend, the intentions to write continuously and blitz a ton of words for Clockworld. 

I think you can infer, from the tone of this blog, what didn’t happen. Instead I slobbed around, watched motorsports and played a ton of video games. Sum total of words written? 500.

But, that was then, this is now, and so I return to my computer and get back to work. I’m still on target to be over 50k by the end of the month, but the big issue is that I have no idea how many words this book is going to run to. It’s certainly not gonna be finished inside the next 15k. Lord knows how many I’m gonna end up doing for the currently planned sequel. The plan is to have this book be self contained enough that it can be enjoyed on its own, but with an ending that leaves room to move forward. I’m properly enjoying writing it, so we’ll see how far I can work it, but after this one it’s back to Jim and the gang in the High Moon Rising universe.

Once more into the breach! 


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