It has been a good week. 

So, I’ve been on my first holiday since last year, on our annual pilgrimage up to the northeast to see the inlaws (some of my books biggest supporters!) 

It was my intent this week to get a lot of writing done. That being said, we know what the road to he’ll is paved with, and previous attempts at this haven’t always gone well. Thankfully, we’ve got a new laptop, and for one reason or another my wife won’t let me install any games on it. Combined with a relative lack of Internet access, I’ve been super productive -I’m at 8500 words for the week, and I’ll be getting another 500 done before I go to sleep, just to be on the safe side! 

We’re heading back to Liverpool tomorrow. It’s a seven hour coach journey, so I will be strongly considering murder by the end, but in general it has been a lovely week! 

So, where does this put progress on Clockworld? Well, at just shy of fifty thousand words, I’m making my minimum word count, but the finished product still has a long way to go. I’m starting to put together the way the story for this first book is going, with a lot of the further ideas being shunted off to a potential sequel – as much for the sake of brevity as anything else. I know where this book will end, but there’s still a whole heap of words and plot between me and that point.

It’s a fun journey, though. Till next time, true believers! 


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