Who has two thumbs and a cold in June?

Yeah, somehow I’ve managed to do that. In between that and finally going back to the gym – so I don’t die of a heart attack in my mid fifties – writing on Clockworld ha’s slowed down a bit. I’m hovering at just under 90k words so it isn’t too bad, and it’s not like I have a set deadline, but it’s still a bit frustrating when things sap your concentration.

I’ve pretty much figured out where the plot is going – since I’m not much of a planner there are a few holes I’m still patching as I go – but I reckon the book will end up at 120 – 150 thousand words. It’s the longest novel I’ve ever written and more than that, I feel it’s one of the moSt enjoyable. There’s a  lot of things I haven’t tried before, And I’m trying not to get too hung up on silly details – I’m talking mechanical, not plot – but I think this book could do well. We shall see.

That’s if my head doesn’t explode from this cold. Right now I’d snort drain cleaner if it would clear my sinuses.


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