Update time!

Well, last week was… unproductive. I had all the good intentions in the world to get a lot of writing done, but since it was a week I was taking in holiday, eventually I just ended up playing games instead.

Ah well, the only thing that really suffered was momentum, and I can build that back up easily enough. Coming back to the Order of Britain character’s felt a little bit strange at first, but I’m picking them up again quickly enough. Given that I’m writing longer books for the gang this time, I can afford to be a bit more relaxed about my overall schedule, so that’s quite a nice feeling. 

The difficulty at the moment is that I’m playing with a lot of new themes from the previous books, some of which are very close to the bone in terms of current affairs. I sometimes worry about the reactions, but then I think that if I shy away from the parallels I’m making then that would be far worse than not making them at all.

Also, it comes with the possibility of pissing off the alt-right, which is its own special reward.



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