Publication Schedule

Publication Schedule – Subject to change.

High Moon Rising: Blood and Fang

 High Moon Rising: Hungry Mountains

High Moon Rising: Fangs of the Serpent (kindle)

High Moon Rising Volume One. (kindle/print) (Click here for paperback)

 Order of Britain: The Devil’s Regiment (kindle)

 High Moon Rising: Off the Rails. (kindle)

Order of Britain: Stone of Madness. (kindle)

High Moon Rising: Deep Dweller Boogie (Kindle)

February 26th: Order of Britain: Proper Shucked (Kindle)

High Moon Rising: The Wolf Within (Kindle)

Order of Britain Volume 1 (Kindle/Print)

 High Moon Rising Volume 2 (Kindle/Print)

High Moon Rising/Order Of Britain: The Call of Herne (Kindle/Print)

Q1 2017: The Delta Children (Kindle/Print)